Christmas Market in Katowice is waiting for our participants!

The Christmas Market in Katowice is a fabulous place where you can feel the magic of Christmas time! It’s a unique atmosphere that everyone looks forward to all year long.

Katowice Market Square will once again be the place where the Christmas Market will be held. Decorated with live Christmas trees, fragrant with the aroma of mulled wine and chocolate gingerbread, it will await the participants of the European Blitz and Rapid Chess Championships. As every year, numerous attractions will await visitors, including fairy-tale houses, a fairy-tale train, and an open-air cinema. We won’t reveal more, but these certainly won’t be the only attractions.

In addition to having fun, there will also be a taste of Christmas sweets. Roasted nuts, roasted chestnuts and Christmas cookies and gingerbread will be waiting for visitors. There will also be an opportunity to buy handmade Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas decorations, pottery, woodwork, jewelry, souvenirs, postcards, calendars.

Of course, there will also be delicious grilled foods, traditional cheese called oscypek roasted on the grill with cranberries and Galician mulled wine.

As in previous years, an ice rink will be waiting at the Market Square for those who want to stretch after eating gingerbread. The seasonal ice rink, whose installation began in early November, will also be launched starting Friday, November 18.

The Christmas Market will not be without Christmas delicacies – the stands will feature colorful hand-decorated gingerbread, lollipops, chocolate figurines and tools, a wide selection of coffees and teas, homemade raspberry, elderberry or dandelion juices, natural bee honeys, traditional Polish cold cuts, Lithuanian and Hungarian meats. There will also be a wide selection of cheeses from Poland, Slovakia and the Netherlands. There will also be oils pressed by the traditional method. And to warm up, there will be hot drinks – mulled wines, meads, beers, coffee, hot chocolate, warming teas. For the first time, the fair will feature liqueurs in unique flavors: cherry, apricot, plum, pear, walnut and kogel mogel. You will also be able to taste mulled BIO wine.

Katowice 18.11 – 08.01. Free entrance.

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